About the Founder

My parents were born in Central Europe in the mountainous country of Slovakia. They later immigrated to Toronto, Canada where I was born and raised.

As the child of Slovak immigrants growing up in the culturally diverse city of Toronto, I have always been fascinated by the complexities of migration and the challenges faced by those seeking to make Canada home. My extensive travels to over 55 countries – where I lived, studied and visited – has further broadened my perspective on the global nature of migration and the unique challenges faced by immigrants from different regions of the world. I believe that my diverse background, coupled with my legal training, equips me with a unique set of skills and insights to help my clients navigate Canada’s complex immigration system.

My Education

I received my bachelor’s degree in political science from Trinity College at the University of Toronto and my law degree from the Faculty of Law at Queen’s University. My interest in Canadian immigration law began during law school and culminated in the receipt of the Queen’s Law Prize in Immigration Law.

My Work Experience

My professional work experience has been earmarked by a career at two of the top-performing Canadian immigration law firms in downtown Toronto. Now in my day-to-day practice at Jakabek Immigration Law I focus on the preparation and submission of a wide variety of temporary and permanent residence applications. I further focus on appeals before the Immigration and Refugee Board and judicial reviews before the Federal Court of Canada.

My Goal

As the founder of Jakabek Immigration Law, I’m proud to now consider myself a part of Canada’s strong tradition of nation-building through immigration. I have memberships spanning from the Canadian Bar Association to the RLA, the Ontario Bar Association’s Immigration Section, CARL and the Canadian Immigration Lawyer’s Association. I strongly believe that this combination of personal experiences, education, work experience and professional networks forms the basis of my passion and success in helping others work, study, visit or live in Canada.

I aim to use every resource at my disposition to guide new and prospective Canadians like yourself to a successful journey to Canada.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get started on this journey today.

Benjamin Jakabek's Certifications and Accreditations